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, 2012. and that was our crowd bouncing to the beat of bobby brown, singing an amazing concert right here on our plaza. we've got one more song so you want to stick around for that. good morning, everyone, i'm savannah guthrie alongside peter alexander. matt and al and natalie are enjoying the morning off. but they are missing this really good concert. >> i kind of wanted to see al roker's dance moves today. >> i like how earlier i said this brings me back to college. it was the sixth grade for me. >> i was thinking earlier. >> anyway, just ahead, is the beebes in some kind of drawl? he got into some kind of scuffle and now police want to investigate him and get to the bottom of this incident. >> of course the paparazzi there to shoot every moment of it. also, whether you're hitting the road and getting off for your summer vacation we'll show you the best websites and apps that make it easy to plan that sort of fun trip. find routes and adventures and save some money along the way as you plan out future trips this summer. then we're going to introduce you to a guy who is putting the rest
, they are discovering who they are, what they want to do, i had already known that. >> suarez: and jeffrey brown interviews a filmmaker who chronicled one wounded marine's journey from the frontlines in afghanistan to civilian life in north carolina. >> i actually brought in a lot of my own personal experiences of going to war and coming home from it and what i realized was that the fighting doesn't end when these men come back, it just continues in a different way. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the at&t network-- a living, breathing intelligence bringing people together to bring new ideas to life. >> look, it's so simple. >> in a year, the bright minds from inside and outside the company come together to work on an idea. adding to it from the road, improving it in the cloud, all in real time. >> good idea. >> it's the at&t network. providing new ways to work together, so business works better. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and fi
just celebrated his 60th birthday, mayor ed lee. mayor lee: thank you, and they are brown, and thank you, everybody, for coming. -- thank you, mayor brown, and thank you, everybody, for coming. the years that followed the san francisco earthquake were filled with grandiose plans to rebuild our city. perhaps the best realize is the san francisco memorial -- war memorial and performing arts center. the ground was broken to build the war memorial in honor of san franciscans who had served during world war i. in addition to honoring those veterans, the memorial gave a permanent residence to the opera, the symphony, and eventually, the ballet. the war memorial and performing arts center has great historic significance, including housing, the signing ceremony of our united nations charter in 1945. today, we are making history erosity and support of mr. and mrs. stephen bechtel. with a grant of $1.5 million -- [applause] from there foundation and in honoring charlotte and george shultz, we are that much closer to fulfilling the original vision of the war memorial complex, which was to inclu
brown. look forward to that. we're going to begin with that severe weather, including tropical storm beryl. really putting a damper on the holiday plans of millions of americans. the weather channel's mike seidel is in jacksonville beach, florida, this morning. mike, good morning to you. >> and good morning, savannah, from triple digit heat in parts of the midwest to the hottest may weather on record in that part of the country to the second tropical storm of the season, four days before the official start of the hurricane season, millions of americans are enduring some extreme weather this holiday weekend. with maximum sustained winds just below hurricane force, tropical storm beryl made landfall just after midnight near jacksonville, florida, where city officials canceled all outdoor memorial day events. >> everything is going to be shut down. we're really preparing for this tropical storm, and it's all about safety. we want people safe through this storm. >> reporter: from florida to south carolina, the tropical storm has whipped up the surf. creating dangerous rip currents. dozen
brown vs. board of education. to think about what civil-rights looked like before. jim crow was state mandated segregation buffeted that is not constitutional. what has it looked like? what they thought jim crow did to them and their understanding is a lot broader. not only laws saying they go to different schools not only a sign over a water fountain but those who only higher weight to a more african-americans only for the worst paid, worse condition, most dangerous jobs. federal in-state government interfering, and the image that comes out of the cases reveal 00 jeroen crowed that is much more total, economic , deprivation and and and exploitation with state mandated that wall. >> host: during fat period what is the success? >> guest: they had to do with agriculture zero workers in the south. they were the worst off and a lot of the complaints were from the work crews in the south held in slavery. they asked for help in the civil-rights section prosecuted individual employers were holding them and involuntary servitude. they went to domestic workers and they complained not just held
my time. there was no one as creative as long as james brown was. he grew up incredibly poor in the south. he grew up in his aunt honey's house of ill repute. soldiers would toss coins as they saw him dance, and that was a place where the stage to give you a sense of mastery and get a feeling of love that he did not get anywhere else. ♪ ♪ man, man, man ♪ >> he could read an audience and understand what an audience were emotionally feeling faster than they could. ♪ ♪ please, please, please >> brown could be crawling across the stage singing "please, please, please" and checking on their reaction. ♪ ♪ i love you so >> what made him sensational first of all was an incredible band. and then there is the groove, the feeling. he played songs. it got broken down. repetition was most important. baby ♪ \, baby, baby, >> there was the noise, the screen, the shout. it comes from the american church, from the blues, and james brown put that at the core of his presentation. right now, there is no one to compare james brown to in terms of being the full bodied, 360- degree
the world's most dangerous threats. and adam brown was already a navy seal when he was blinded in one eye in a training exercise and then lost parts of his fingers on a dominant right hand when the hum vee crashed. he learned to shoot with his left hand and passed the test to be a member of navy seal team six. he was killed in action in afghanistan march 17th, 2010. his remarkable storiev bravery is told in a book fearless. >> joining me is two that served with adam. >> it is great to have both of you here. remarkable story of adam brown in a story called fearless. what was it about adam's story that captivated you and said it ought to be a book. >> these guys on seal team six are a gift to our nation and adam's story is a gift and inspiring and takes you from a boy who rose up in the darkest place to be i a seal i mention he was driving from cabul to cand harand a huge crash and holding on to the right window and land. after the cloud of dust adam was giving aid. and m-4 in the back seat. he's helping him out someone realized after 15 minutes, hey, adam, your hand is messed up. they were
biography, he was also deeply troubled individual. the life and music of james brown's sheds light on the musical genius by examining his complicated life. we hear now from the author of the book. >> my book is titled "the one." it was the secret to his music and his being. he hit the first beet harvest. -- he had the first beat the hardest. >> ♪ popped in got a brand new bag -- popped up -- papa got a brand new bag ♪ >> james brown is the most fascinating artist in my lifetime. i cannot think of anybody who ever was as complicated and creative as james brown was. he grew up incredibly poor in the south. housew up in his aunt's of ill repute. he raised himself on the streets of georgia. as a boy, soldiers would toss coins as he sang and danced. he learned from that kind of experience that a stage was an environment where you could gain a sense of mastery and get a feeling of love he did not have any other place. ♪ it would not be nothing without a woman or a girl ♪ >> he could read an audience and understand what people were feeling faster than they could. he could be crawl
will talk about chuck brown and a few minutes but in the meantime a program helping veterans out. a big ride from washington to virginia beach, a six-day trek memorial day challenge. it is not just a one-time event but part of an ongoing effort that helps keep veterans and engaged with hearing -- healing and rehabilitation. the district gears up to remember chuck brown at the howard theater in northwest washington, starts at 11:00 a.m. in the morning and goes until 10:00 at night and then and memorial service at the washington convention center thursday from noon until 3:00 p.m. chuck brown died may 16 at the age of 75. a near tragedy in the skies for an 80-year-old woman on her first skydive. something went terribly wrong from the minute the woman jumped from the airplane. fortunately she is alive and talking about the ordeal. you can see her out of her harness. it was all caught on video. dan harris has the story. >> it starts out as a charming little tale about an 80-year old celebrating her birthday with her inaugural skydive. >> i just turned 80. >> happy birthday. >> but when they wer
. >> friends and family honor a true hero, fallen warrior adam brown. and defense budget cuts, a gutting our military. >> who is going to lead in the world if the united states does not lead and deal with the. thugs and killers out this.r >> four star general jack keefe on keeping our military strong. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> thank you. thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new nes york city. on this memorial day weekend. i confess that few things moves me more deeply than a profoundy appreciation for the men and t women who wear the uniform of [app united states military. now, i realize that they are are just as human as the restet of us but i recognize they have volunteered to willingly doing ethat which few of us will havew to contemplate. putting their lives between our liberty and the evil forces who would seek to destroy it it. traveling about and meeting st, people on planes and even on the street i'm taken aback when somebody says to me thank you for your service.i while i did volunteer for the 20 y sausage grinder of electe
of the memorial day ride. >> plus honoring the godfather of go go, local students making sure chuck brown is remembered for generations to come.  >>> rolling thunder, thousands of bikers remembering the fallen, but it's not just those who were killed the annual ride remembers. rolling thunder focuses on those who never came home, prisoners of war and those missing in action still unacted for. we have their tribute. >> basically rolling thunder is really big on awareness about pows and mias, but they're also supportive of veterans from every war and making sure the public is aware of what is going on with veterans and people who place their lives on the lines every day for them. >> we've got to educate our kids. i get frustrated time i have to explain to an ed teen or 20- year-old when -- to an 18 or 20- year-old when i have to explain what p.o.w. or mia means. >> people don't know that there are p.o.w.s in a modern war. everybody is familiar with jessica lynch. outside of them we have bo birddahl who is currently a p.o.w. captured in 2009. >> it's what are wrenching and makes me fe
is the day for public viewing to honor d.c. legend chuck brown. more details on where that's happening. >> ahhh, now that's a clean mouth. i just wish it wouldn't fade away so fast. let me show you something. [ dr. rahmany ] as soon oo you leave here... plaque quickly starts to grow back. but now there's a way to keep the clean longer. introducing new crest pro-health clinical rinse. it's a clinical breakthrough that actually keeps your teeth 91% clean of plaque at 2 months after a dental visit. plus, it gives you these key benefits. new crest pro-health clinical rinse. crest. life opens up when you do. also try new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey on this monday morning >> . happy memorial day. we are in the belfort furniture weather center. let's start with the rainfall totals from yesterday evening. over an inch. 1.3 in cumberland. 1.1 in hagerstown. just about three-quarters of an inch in meyersville.
to the disabled list. the club had to recall brown from syracuse. he could be out for a couple of months. there is a region -- reason roger federer is known as a tennis great. if he wins, he could become the first 30-year-old man to win a grand slam tournament in about a decade. interesting. game one of the eastern conference finals is tonight at 8:30. the miami heat hosts the boston celtics. >> it looks like summer has begun. >> and another 90-degree day on the way tomorrow. we have a cool down on the way. thunderstorms develop late tomorrow afternoon and into the overnight hours. >> thank you so much. >> we will see y
a little later, we speak to former san francisco mayor wil brown about the bridge, the celebrations and the history of the golden gate bridge. >>> there is another bridge that's getting plenty of attention this weekend as well, but for very different reasons. the dunbarton bridge is closed for seismic upgrades this weekend. the work is about one-third of the way done, caltrans says. a new steel plate is being installed across the deck, that plate should allow the it bridge to be move and be flexible during an earthquake. >> replacing the original with a new seismic joint, giving the deck an additional 18 inches of movement in a seismic event. >> officials say they'll have better idea when the bridge will open to traffic tomorrow. as of now, the plan is to have the bridge open in time for the morning commute tuesday. >>> next at 6:00, san jose police investigate the death of a 16-year-old boy this weekend. we'll have the latest on that. >>> also ahead, we'll take you out to the east bay as the family of michelle language meie one day since she disappeared. also the family of sierra l
to bring tens of thousands of troops. some thought it was a road to victory. on january 31, 1968 brown's suspension was confirmed. one of the primary targets for the north vietnamese army was a command kpoud housing some 200 advisors including richard brown. >> in a war stories exclusive there is reporting brown made of that horrific assault on the compound. >> whoever happened to be there at that time manned the walls. and they held it to say... through the night. and they came close to reaching it but they didn't. >> late in the afternoon i heard the roar of tanks in the town. >> i can never forget approaching the compound. it almost looked like rocks like cowboys and indians. they're holding the fort. >> ron christmas was a 28-year-old marine captain from pennsylvania when arriving in vietnam in 1967. and he got the order to move hotel company into play. he discovered they were facing a new kind of battlefield for vietnam. you arean terrain. >> the marine corps encountered strong points and fighting positions. and if you looked at it you're expecting it in a vietnamese city no, u.s.
and brown butcher paper. i said barbarian or not would never emblazoned shield of fastballs. i drew undersized dragons which looked like smudges in the distance and lightning starting from the center. my mother found material she rapped over one soldier to the koschel for and wrapped around my side with a safety pin. i wore brown shorts, no shirt and my father's prelate decoupled route twice around my hips. last was my sword. my mother was at a loss for how to make a sort. we cut strips of cardboard conclude them together and wrapped in black plastic from a garbage bag. it looked terrible. i was disappointed. my have father was happy to be free of blame. my costume might have done well in america or expectations were low but when i was in school i was immediately ashamed. some of the children came to class and a lot or more that looked like accurate replicas of the uniforms. their parents spent weeks working on them and children were afraid to move for fear of terrorism something that had been carefully glued. other barbarians ranged in their interpretation and we did look somewhat
the break. >>> before we head to break a reminder about a public viewing for dc music legend, chuck brown held at the howard theatre tomorrow, from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., then on thursday, public memorial service held from noon to 3:00 p.m., at the washington convention center. also, more details about the services, just head to myfoxdc.com for the latest. we will be right back  >>> making headlines, new clues in the search for a missing college student. police near lafayette found a bicycle belongs to the louisiana university student last seen may 19th. the bike was found in a remote swampy area, under a highway bridge about 25 miles, from the spot, where the student was last seen. volunteers spent the weekend passing out flyers and searching for more clues. >>> justin bieber is wanted for questioning by los angeles county sheriff's investigators stemming from an alleged incident yesterday after the photographer complained about being roughed up by the pop star. it happened when they tried to snap pictures of bieber and gomez, the photographer was take on the hospital, boobe
healthier. >> i dyed my hair brown a pew weeks ago. extensions really helped conceal the damage. >> reporter: the u.s. is the largest market for hair extensions in the world. with more than half of salons offering the service, according to the professional beauty association. >> if you are going for a full set of hair extensions things can get pricey. there are a lot of options out there that are very cost-effective and also easy to do. >> this is something you can definitely do at home. >> reporter: they suggest clients start with clip-in hair extensions. for around $30, you can add length or volume with a few simple pieces that can be cut into your style. >> this is really good for someone that wants to add a face frame. >> reporter: fake hair piece conditions used to keep up with current trends. streaks of vibrant color. >> it is very american idolish. it is hip right now. >> reporter: inspired by hair styles in "the hundredor games," braids are making a comeback. wheth experts say that their best advice is to make sure you have a good stylist, good color match, and remember that sometime
- reeated health issuesshe last played for the browns in 2009. cops in miami....shoot and kill a naked man. weekend... when police responded to a ccll about 2 men fighting. turns out a naked man waa chewing on the face of another man. olice ordered theeman to back awayy but when he didn't... an officer shoo him. witnesses say the man pontinued to attack the other pan... even áafterá being shot! "ddring this confrontation an officer diiddischaage his weapon striking one of the individuals and that individual as lost his life now."the man died at the sccne. the person he waa fighting was taken to an area hospptaa with severe njuries. poliie aren't ssying who tte 2 men &pare... or what they were fighting about. the u-s is stepping up enforcement... for illegal immigration.ttat's according to an arricle in the l-a times... whhch findd u-s immiggation and customs enforcement is putting more agents on jobs for finding and deporting illegal immigrants... speciiically the article sites documents which ask teams to arrest at least 50 people aamonthh some say the plan is polit
top 10 -- fort totten. chuck brown passed away last week at the age of 75. there will be a viewing in northwest washington. a week from tonight, a public memorial service will be held at the d.c. convention center on mount vernon from noon until 3:00 p.m. much more ahead on "washington weekly," including the primary that will likely clinched the nomination for mitt romney. + katie couric years up for her new talk show. >> and we had rounds of showers earlier. we have another batch headed our way. and i will talk [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest... [ thunder crashes ] [ engine revs, tires screech ] ...where things aren't always what they seem... because thrills hide in the shadows... just waiting at every turn. verbolten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens. brave the black forest. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it
in areas like affirmative action, race discrimination, so brown versus board of education and its progeny are the product of this. but it goes way beyond that. the number of different features of american law that are shaped and cannot be understood otherwise, except through these amendments, it knows no bounds. gun rights, your handgun rights which you now have, you didn't a couple of years ago but now you do, are run through the 14th amendments. there is no connecticut handgun second amendment right absent the 14th amendment, which has been inkormted by rights that were only before the civil war held by individuals as against the federal government. most criminal procedural law is the result of the 14th amendment. the list goes on and on. so this is a huge legacy of the civil war, one that's fought out all the time. just seven years ago -- nine years ago, justice o'connor, former justice o'connor said she hoped that maybe in about 25 years questions of affirmative action in higher education admission policies might be able to be race blind as a matter of constitutional mandate. and i th
" for monday, may 28, 2012. >>> and good morning, everybody. good to be with us. i'm terrell brown. this memorial day a strong storm is making for a wet and dangerously windy day. for folks in northeast florida. tropical storm beryl made landfall early this morning near jacksonville, florida with hurricane-force winds. those winds have diminished as the storm moves inland. the same winds now top out at 65 miles an hour with rain accumulations up to 8 inches, 2 to 4 feet of flooding is expected in northeastern florida and georgia. 1 to 2 feet in south carolina. storm warnings are in effect from florida into south carolina. our jackson station wtev is bernadino just north of jacksonville. good morning. this is a tropical storm but a very strong one, nearly a hurricane. what's happening where you are this morning? >> reporter: good morning, terrell. as you mentioned, this was nearly a hurricane. we are at ground zero right now of tropical storm beryl. this is probably the strongest point of the storm in bernadina downtown. we're at the top of the storm, as our meteorologist told us, t
to the godfather of gogo. a viewing for chuck brown will be held at the howard theater. a public memorial service will be held at the washington convention center on thursday. chuck brown died at the age of 75. >> coming up, the pope betrayed by one of his closest employees. >> he was shaking. i had to pick him up. >> a toddler's suffers horrible burns. a warning for everyone out on these hot days. >> the journey that led this midshipmen to his graduation day. tropical storm continues to -- after making a mess of holiday plans. i will tell you if >> we have breaking news where virginia state police say two planes have crashed. the pilot of the other plane was taken to a hospital in fredericksburg. the crash is now under investigation. we will have more details on that situation as they become available. police are locked in a standoff with a man who was holdup in a construction crane. he allegedly stole a truck earlier this morning. he threatened officers and he may be armed. police said had no direct contact with the man but they have been shouting instructions from the ground. >> his client wil
. >>> and bobby brown performs a special memorial day concert live on the plaza. >>> now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports, and more. i'm lynn berry. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. have a good one.
are cutting a lot of that off. jerry brown, every time i see him, it is like, what else are you going to cut? if he does not get his way, there is going to be even more hurt. we are no longer dependent upon those streams of revenue. we have to create our own. i only know one way. have a solid relationship with the businesses who want to grow, employee, helped make the city successful. that is how we are going to do it. where wanted do it on your own, but we are going to do it with your innovation. i want to invite you, on a number of levels, as part of this relationship, we have problems in our city to solve. i cannot solve them with just city government employees. i think the way we are starting to think, we will get you into helpless to some hack-a-thons, think about how to get muni better operating. even the affordable housing debate we are having. come and help us think outside the box. maybe we can think of better solutions. i know you want the city to succeed. if it is successful, you will feel that much more committed to being part of the city. we invite you to be part of that. we do
receive add honorary degree this weekend at brown university in rhode island. she is one of nine honorary degree recipients this weekend. others included oscar winning actress viola davis. and outgoing university president ruth simmons. she in good company. >> yes. congratulations. >>> next, we are following developments out of vallejo, a police chase leads to a shooting. the bizarre sequence of vents that injuries a police officer. >>> fallout from a massacre in syria. the u.n.'s harsh words for the country's leader after scores of civilians are killed. >>> progress on the dumbarton bridge project. will it reopen in time for tomorrow's commute? >>> lay-offs loom for major cell phone maker. how many jobs could be cut this week at rim. çkçkçkçkçkçkçkk
on the heels of the great struggles for black civil rights in this country. and whether it is the brown berets or young lords, or more establishments circles, henry gonzalez or ruben salazar, these men and women, cesar chavez, went to school on what black americans did, organizing with their bodies, with their lives, and with their passion, and understood that those struggles are never over. that understood it was going to be different because it manifests itself in a different way. and our history is different and the reasons we are here are different. playing fair is playing fair. and those people, those men and women were going to do what was necessary to make america pay attention. i don't think that they could have imagined in 1965 in school strikes and l.a. unified, in attempts to force integration and school lunches in phoenix and in -- the rio grande valley in texas. i don't think they could have imagined a country where in 2010 for the first time more children were born in this country who traced their ancestry to africa, latin america, and asia than to your open for the first time ev
talked to some of them and we'll talk to the former mayor, willie brown about what it was like 25 years ago. reporting live from the bay, cheryl hurd. >> 25 years ago i was graduating from cal on that very day while my family was out there and got stuck in traffic. let's go back to the bay. was it crazy today? i saw a couple of close calls yesterday when i was out there. >> reporter: it was a little crazy but because we were on the boat it wasn't that crazy. a lot of people are preparing to stay on land today because they remember what it was like 25 years ago and they say in the water it was just too many people so the folks i talked to are planning to stay on the shore and view the fireworks from land. but as the time goes on and we see a lot of folks coming on later on today, it's going to get crazy out here on the bay. >> fill up a little bit. have a good time out there. >> we also asked folks to send us their favorite picture of the golden gate bridge using indsta gram and boy did people pull through. you can see some here. you can go to nbcbayarea.com and also still send us your p
is today. it's may 19, third thursdays we always do a department building inspection. brown bag. subjects brought up by you and people that come and that we think we can help provide the information. today we are doing some thin we've done twice before. learning the history of your building. it's a popular topic in terms of doing something in a building in san francisco as far as adding a unit or selling your building that's useful to know when the building was built and how it was legally or otherwise altered without or with permits so we have with us today three people. just scratching the surface of the available resources in san francisco about persons who know about historical buildings and jeremy paul permit consul stapt that does a lot of work trying to help people try and solve permit issues, many of which relate to learning the legal issues of their building and sorting out the records and, the survey coordinator for the planning department and historic research surveying is becoming more and more important and just recently we got a substantial cash settlement from a problem tha
. they are saying the same thing. you do not care about this. >> thank you, reverend brown. next speaker, please. >> i am a native san franciscan. our sunday meters have been something i have been proud of. i could say to people feel -- i could say to people that you do not have to pay today. it is something that allows the community to develop and time to be spent with family and to take one thing off of your mind. i'd been proud of this city in many ways. that we consider the human being. this is not considering the community. putting wealth and the wrong pockets. considering wealth in the wrong way. we should consider our people more than our bottom line. i hope the supervisors and that the parking and traffic can consider that above what that amount of money can bring to the city. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. they have been a great collaborator on several key issues. they have exceeded expectations beyond the 20% minimum threshold that was required in the first year. the second issue is clean power sf. the third and most recent issue is the idea of solar incentives. as we have
. >> michele browne, followed by david pelle pelle. >> the issue to me is not so much an issue of the alternatives that take away a lane in each direction would work best. to me, the issue is taking a way -- away a lane in each direction and making a busy street from six lanes to four lanes, which moves traffic all you still traffic over there. because the plan that they came up with was just come up with about two weeks ago, the final compromise plan, the neighborhood as says the asians are just reacting to it. the association -- of the neighborhood associations are just reacting to it. one association is meeting tomorrow. another is meeting in the next couple of weeks. i think you are getting a more negative reaction to taking away two lanes that i think is being communicated to you and what is being cured now. the cost of this, the transit authority program tabled it said they could study it more. basically, by reducing from six lanes to four lanes, rather than focusing on an alternative with all of the improvements except that you are leaving the extra two lanes, compare th
issues.he last ppayed for the browns in 2009. 3 forget instagram.. the next wave of social apps could be video.the cool new applications and editing ttchniques ahead. going for the gold... on the soon be an olympic evvet. 3 the cost of illegals what you are paying to keep a roof over their heads.monday on fox44 3 maybe it won't be such a great crab season after all.surveys duringgthe winter found the blue crabs in the cheeapeake bay at record numbers... but that's nottwhat watermen are finding.the president of the maryland watermans lot of smaller crabs... but not many big ones. 3 another painful medical condition linkkd to obesity. how diabetes may play a parr. and student truancy may soon be a thing of the past.what they're doing at one high school to keep watch over all students. cases of kidney stones are on the rise... and new research obesity.researchers found thh number of people with kidney stones nearly doubled reseerchers say the findings suggest it is because of the rise in obesity and diabetes in america. foreclosures have gone up about 20-percent over the last year,
'll keep a close eye on any legislation to rename that site. >>> this week chuck brown fans will have their chance to bid farewell to the godfather of go go. it starts tomorrow with a public viewing from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at howard theater on t street northwest. then the community can attend a memorial thursday from noon to 3:00 at the washington convention center. if you can't make it that day, we will broadcast the memorial live on the air and on our website www.wusa9.com. >>> one month after three horses were stabbed fairfax county police are still investigating attacks on animals at frying pan farm park. this time four animals were injured at herndon park. now police are trying to find out if the same person is behind them. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher at the frying pan farm park in herndon where parents had a tough time today trying to explain to their kids why someone would want to hurt baby animals in this barn. >> got to save them. >> you got to go save them? okay, buddy. go save them. >> reporter: when farm staff came to feed them sunday morning, they found four animals
."and on this day...those countless soldiers...whomade the remembered. (browning) "within the last 100 yeaas, 73 million people have given their ives that we can have freedom, freeddm of speech, freedom oo reliiion, freedom to have a &pparade."(rydell) ....in westminster, john rydell, fox 45 news at five." lacrosse history is made today. the poyola men's team won its first nattonal championship defeating maryland. p3 sports director... bruce cunningham.. says... the greyhounds... did it... in &pconvincing fashion.... fassion....they have been fielding thletic teams at loyola for the better part of a century, and there have been many big victories...but they have never experienced anything like this... loyola head coach charley toomey nd marylann head coach the game....4th quarter...r greyhounds up 4...eric lusby fires in his 3rd goal of the game...tying the ncaa record with 16 goals...hounds up 5.... an empty net goal...setting the ncaaarecord with 17 in the tourney....oyooa wins its first-ever lacrosse championship...9-3 over maryland...greyhounds finish we'll have much more
-go chuck brown. it starts with a public viewing for the d.c. music legend tomorrow 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the howard theatre northwest. then the community can attend a memorial on thursday from noon to 3:00 at the washington convention center. as you may remember the 75-yard brown died may 16 weeks after being hospitalized with knew money ya. generations of fans -- pneumonia. generations of fans have paused to celebrate his life. people are urged to use public transportation. if you can't make it, we'll broadcast the memorial live here on our air and our website wusa9.com. >>> the time is 5:34. i'm watching your money and your commute. amtrak says service has restarted between washington and philadelphia. trains stopped running for about three hours yesterday due to overhead wire problems and that caused some extra crowding at union station. but service between new york and boston was never affected. after one track was reopened to start service running again, repair work on the wires still did delay trains between philly and d.c. the avengers has become the fourth movie ever to top
preparations underway for this week's public farewell to the godfather of go go chuck brown. public viewing for the d.c. music legend will take place tomorrow. the time is 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. at howard theater and that's on t street in northwest. then the community can attend a memorial thursday from noon until 3 in the afternoon at the washington convention center. now you know chick died at the age of 75. he passed away may 16th weeks after being hospitalized for complications from arthritis, then developing pneumonia in the hospital. since then generations of chuck brown fans have been recalling and celebrating his life and homegrown music. organizers are urging those planning to attend this week's farewell to use public transportation. many streets around the howard theater and the convention center will be closed for the event to. see the complete list of closings log onto our website www.wusa9.com. we will broadcast thursday's memorial live on the air and on our website, www.wusa9.com. >>> a lorton, virginia man is under arrest this afternoon accused in a drunk driving crash that k
are going to be in the heat today. >> reporter: last year, george brown says he had to be rushed to the hospital when getting food to his customers became more important than keeping himself safe in the heat. >> main thing, i didn't eat and drink much. just busy doing it and doing it. forgot all about drinking and eating. then i got dehydrated over there and they took me to the hospital. >> reporter: what's the key to staying safe? when you are dealing with heat on top of heat. >> we have air conditioning in our trucks. we just keep everything cool. the trucks have to run all day anyway to keep the ice cream cold. >> selling ice water and drinking ice water and making cold fruit smoothies. just trying to stay cool. >> reporter: when all else fails, there as mind over matter and just thinking cool thoughts. >> basically just ignore the heat and just get into the job and work as much as we can, talk to the people have fun, enjoy the festival. >> reporter: the weather you are dealing -- whether you are dealing with a hot grill in this kind of heat or not it is important for to you m
of the "godfather of go-go" chuck brown. >> and an issue the judge in the john edwards trial is doing with this week. >> i'm specialist andres ryan with the u.s. army national drill team. good morning, washington. >> it is a good morning on this memorial day 5:43, adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. starting with the rooftop camera picture of the nation's capital a few minutes before sunrise. clouds setting the stage for a beautiful sunrise over d.c. temperatures in the '60s in outlying areas. some seven in leesburg. 64 in winchester. in maryland, 66 in la plata. 66 in germantown. calvert county, 69 in lusby. a mixture of sun and clouds today, hot and humid, near 90 degrees by 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., but it will feel like the mid 90's. 30% chance of a late-day and the storm. now to steve with traffic. >> a very good morning on the roads. here we are in arlington county on 66 at glebe road, no problems eastbound and westbound, moving smoothly as you make your way past the dulles toll road all the way to the roosevelt bridge. outbound also looks good. the beltway at university boulevard. f
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